An American oak Valet Tray with wireless charger embedded within. Place in a convenient location and enjoy charging without being tethered by a wire. A great accessory for the home or business environments. Product Code: AIR0027AB


  • Elegant solution for wireless charging and keeping valuables tidy
  • Perfect for reception areas, lounges and bedside tables
  • Narrow groove for document placement
  • Soft rubber ring to place phone / device on
  • Qi certified – supports all Qi compatible devices and Aircharge accessories


    • Finish: American Oak with clear matt laquer, Aluminium / black surface charger
    • Output: DC 5V, 1500mA (plug must be this specification)
    • Power cable: 2m USB
    • Frequency: 100-200kHz
    • Dimensions: 250mm x 250mm x 22mm
    • Weight: 1900g
    • Certification: Qi certified