Relay Plus is our latest addition to the Relay bench system with improved connectivity. Designed with sliding tops, Relay Plus provides easy access to the cable tray from the desktop. Wires, connections and sockets are easy to install, hide and access whenever necessary.

Relay offers unique features on a versatile and functional bench system. Clean lines disguise a robust sub frame, which offers flexible seating arrangements on a minimal and cost effective platform.

Relay’s systemised structure can be specified to the level of sophistication required. It simply adapts to your working styles, available budget and grows with your organisation.


However you work, Qore can be adapted to suit your exact work-style. It provides cost effective solutions for every office type from open plan benching, call centres to cellular and trading office configuration.

Designed and tested to the most rigorous standards, Qore allows you to build your office with future proof IT and desk accessories at the heart of the workstation.

Integrating your IT requirements to Qore’s adaptive platform is easy. Cable management, PCs, monitors and much more can be easily accommodated within the system, making Qore more than just a desk, but a complete office solution.


Visualise an office where architecture, furniture and technology all interconnect. By bringing together these elements, we can re-think our office space to reflect how we work. Neo Evolution provides structure to workspace, supports individual or team work and gives users the freedom to work the way they want and to adapt and evolve with the changing workplace.

Work privately on one task, then adapt the workspace for a different activity or work style. Functional work or project groups can sit alongside each other in a creative environment promoting communication and team work.

With a multitude of configurations and a variety of accessories Neo Evolution can be tailored to suit your individual work style.